Frequently Asked Questions

What are the raw materials for making the products shown?

All products are made entirely from a variety of natural materials that vary depending on the craftsman and the product, and any materials such as wood, glass, copper, precious metals, seashells, pottery, natural leather, etc. may be used.

Are the antiques and decorations made entirely by hand or are machines used?

Antiques and decorations are usually made entirely by hand without the use of machinery. However, simple machines such as saws, hammers and basic mechanical machines can be used to facilitate the production process.

Is the product list updated regularly?

Yes, the product list is updated regularly, and new products are added from time to time to maintain the diversity of the offer and meet the needs of different customers.

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Are the products offered at competitive prices?

Certainly, knowing that the prices of products vary based on the difference in the product, size, weight, materials used, difficulty in manufacturing, quantity, etc.

Can handmade products be customized?

Yes, handmade products can sometimes be customized, using materials, colors and shapes specified by the customer.
You can also communicate directly with customer service via email or social media channels.

What unique pieces of art can be found in the online store?

Many unique pieces of art can be found in the online store, such as antiques, handmade mother-of-pearl inlaid decorations, copper and pottery vessels, handmade lamps, handmade rugs, paintings, and more.

Are handmade products shipped securely and quickly?

We appreciate very well the value of handmade products and the sensitivity of shipping them from one country to another, so we have a team specialized in packaging the products in completely professional and safe packaging and then sending them to the shipping company, which in turn guarantees fast air shipment with insurance on the shipment.

Is there a warranty on the products?

Yes, all products are guaranteed against shipping damage and manufacturing defects, and this varies depending on the product, taking into account the return and exchange policy in our store.

What is the return and refund policy for the Funoon online store?

The store's return and refund policy varies depending on the product type, and you should check the store's policies before purchasing.

What are the supported countries for shipping?

Shipping is available to all cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, and soon to European countries, Britain, and the United States of America.

What are the payment methods and currencies supported in Arts Store?

Payment can be made in one of the local currencies such as: Saudi Riyal SAR, Qatari Riyal QAR, Emirati Dirham AED,

Or US dollar USD

Using credit and prepaid cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Maestro.

Is payment available on delivery?

Unfortunately, we do not have cash on delivery due to the policies of international shipping companies and our internal policies.