Copper decorative art

فن زخرفة النحاس

Copper handicrafts

A wall clock made of copper in a circular shape in a golden color and Islamic decorations with multiple balloons. A metal ring for hanging and three hands. Easy to disassemble and install for cleaning. Islamic decorations with elaborate details.

  • A brief history of copper

Copper is a solid material, beautiful in appearance, and retains all its properties for thousands of years if properly cared for. It is also easy to work with to adjust colors and add decorations, stones, and many things such as the brass wall clock in the picture, and the numbers and circles in it.

Investigations by two independent teams of scientists in Europe have found that the copper used in some ancient artefacts came mainly from mines in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and the Eastern Desert. The investigations also revealed the first historical evidence of copper trade between Egypt and Anatolia, which is today's Turkey. (Scientific American, 2018)

Knowing the source of copper in ancient Egypt (Scientific American, 2018) online and available at:

It is also mentioned that the Copper Age period is a transitional period and is outside the traditional three-age system, and falls between the Neolithic Age and the Bronze Age. It seems that copper did not spread widely at first, and attempts to make alloys of it with tin began quickly, making it difficult to distinguish between the civilizations of the Copper Age and their eras. In this era, they discovered metals, which is why they called it the Metal Age or the Mineral Age. (Wikipedia, 2022)


We infer from this that man has discovered the properties of copper and used it to make primitive tools since the early ages of mankind. The art of copper handicrafts emerged in the making of household items, antiques, and gifts during the Mamluk era in Egypt.

You find that starting from this era, copper artifacts were present in almost every Arab home. They made everything possible from copper. Utensils, kitchen utensils, water, daily used tools, antiques, art and souvenir items, and even weapons and armor. Due to its durability and retention of its properties (shape - hardness - color - decoration) for very long periods.

Yellow brass oud incense burner, Fatimid Islamic design, oval base, palm shape, Islamic decorations with exquisite details, authentic Egyptian Islamic art, elegant heritage touch  Home HandmadeHand-made tmreya made of yellow copper, two pieces, a circular plate and a lid in the shape of an Islamic dome, Fatimid Islamic design, hand-decorated with the art of traditional copper hammering. Width of the plate: 20 cm. Height of the lid: 14 cm. Weight: 0.310 kg.

With the passage of time and the scarcity of resources, man understood the theory of added value, and understood that the user of the commodity expects some value from it. This demand must be met with the least possible resources, and this is the theory of added value. Why do we have a precious copper plate when...

The Copper Age (Wikipedia, 2022) online and available at:

Can it be made of reinforced plastic? Why does the manufacturer go to the expense of mining, shaping, and manufacturing the copper material when it can install plastic chemical compounds to obtain a plate that “gives added value,” that is, in which food can be placed!

With the development of this theory and the expansion of its applications, copper products began to focus on artistic works, antiques, and decorations. Also due to technological development and the possibilities of using various methods of formation and decoration on the one hand. On the other hand, the possibility of manual shaping and technical manufacturing continues. There are those who learned the origins of this unique craft, and passed it on to those who followed them. There are people you can't stop looking at as they work on the brass, the movement of their hands, the speed, the precision. A beautiful way of handcrafting that makes everyone want to buy this effort! And not only this masterpiece.

An Arabic Dallah set consisting of 11 pieces. Handmade of brass. Fully decorated with Islamic floral motifs. 3 pieces small glass cups. 3 pieces. Beautifully crafted, authentic Egyptian Islamic art, an elegant heritage touch  for the home or office, a valuable and special gift, weight: 1,755 kg, product code: D1H2C3D5009

  • How to manufacture handmade copper jewelry

Let's discuss how to make such a masterpiece made only from copper. This copper masterpiece (to prepare the most beautiful Arabic coffee) was made using only: (professional hands - some hand tools such as a hammer - primitive chemical compounds - some molds)...

Just as we inhale air first before exhaling it, an artist imagines his work, plans a work well, and makes sure that the work can be finished before starting it. Then he begins to find copper materials that he can transform into that imagination with minimal effort. He takes into account the color and thickness, imagines all the work he will do, and makes sure that the copper piece he begins working on is suitable.

As it is an authentic art, the artist begins working from the source of the material. At this stage, he treats the copper piece in its original form because he will not be able to do that after working on it. Imagine that he wants to color the copper after decorating it! Will not be able. Therefore, they begin with very primitive chemical and plastic treatments to achieve the desired color, thickness, and size.

Turkish coffee pot set, 15 pieces, made of copper in ancient Egyptian style, with golden color and Islamic decorations 1 - Pot with capacity of 4 cups 1 - Cup pot (fireplace) + 1 lid + 1 funia 4 - Glass cups + 4 copper cup holders 1 - Decorative tray 1 - Sugar + 1 cover Islamic decorations with exquisite details Authentic Egyptian Islamic art Elegant heritage touch  Home handmade Weight: 1.385 kg Product code: D1H2C3D5012

Here the artist wants to use molds in copper formation more accurately. He has the molds to manufacture all possible shapes. He begins by spreading the copper piece on or in the mold and begins to shape it to be as close to his imagination as possible.

After reaching the required initial characteristics and the required shape of the copper piece, the artist begins to imagine the decorations, shapes, and stones that he intends to place inside the copper handicrafts. He begins drawing on the copper using a very sharp pen that peels off the copper, which he has prepared with a simple compound to help him in this matter!

After completing the drawing process, the hard work begins. But it's almost over! All previous stages include creative elements that require more time, thinking, and research than doing the work manually. He begins to think about the various methods of hammering, engraving, and chemical treatments that he will use during the decoration stage. There is a broad decoration, another sharp decoration, another to place a watch mechanism...etc

A decorative mirror frame made of copper in a golden color and decorated with Arabic calligraphy, the Diwan in black. A metal ring for hanging, easy to disassemble and install for cleaning. It is shipped with its own mirror glass. Islamic decorations with exquisite details. Authentic Egyptian Islamic art. An elegant heritage touch. The home. A luxurious and useful gift. A special gift for the office or new home. Diameter: 23 cm Weight: 0.475 kg Product code: D1F2C3B5007

Decorative mirror frame made of gold-colored copper and Islamic decorations in black. A metal ring for hanging. Easy to disassemble and install for cleaning. It is shipped with the mirror. Islamic decorations with exquisite details. Authentic Egyptian Islamic art. An elegant heritage touch. Home. A luxurious and useful gift. A special gift for the office or new home. Diameter: 18 cm. Weight. : 0.360 kg Product code: D1F2C3A5006

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